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Vedansh Sheesham Wooden Comb


Vedansh combs are made out of quality Sheesham Wood. Wood has been season naturally; no chemical is being used in the process of manufacturing. Each teeth of the comb are rounded in such a manner that it massages the scalp. The natural material has the ability to distribute natural scalp oil or sebum through the hair. The comb fluffs the hair, adding a body similar to the effect of a brush. Wood is gentler to hair than a brush because the material does not roughen the cuticle, create static or snag on hair. Hair combing is now easier, it’s smoother – and less hair comes out. It detangles easily.

  •  Vedansh combs are made out of quality Sheesham wood
  •  Leading hair care experts advise to always use natural Sheesham wood combs that are gentle. Anyone including kids can use Sheesham wood combs. Suitable for women of all age groups. Less split ends
  • Excellent for fragile or long hair and beard
  •  Less hair loss & a healthier scalp.


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